If you’re called to work with a church or Christian organisation in London, we want to help you fulfil your mission by securing a home in the heart of the community you serve. There are all sorts of ways that we can support you:

Support, information and advice

If you are a key Christian worker (working full time (or majority of time) in a Christian ministry or church) in need of an affordable housing solution, please talk to us. Through our extensive knowledge of the housing market and housing issues, we may be able to help you find a solution. 

In addition to assisting key Christian workers directly, we also provide churches and Christian organisations with support, advice and housing options to help them provide homes for their key workers. We also occasionally offer consultancy services for projects outside of London. 

An opportunity to buy your own home through shared ownership

Shared ownership is a really popular solution. We can help you by putting together a package of capital raised by you, your friends and family, and other funders so that you can buy a house.

How it works

You provide: you bring to the table at least 25% of the house purchase price, which will include your deposit and mortgage.

Your funders provide: We can help you to attract funding from your support network, usually in the form of loans and gifts, which will go towards the purchase price of an agreed property.

Mission Housing provides: We help you with the process of starting and running a funding campaign to attract loan providers and donors via your support network, and help you navigate the complexities of buying a home through this scheme. We may also be able to fill any final funding gaps.

It is our desire for you to eventually staircase up and own an increasing share of your home. We will be in continual contact with you about the financing of your home, eg: replacing funders, staircasing, development and building works etc. This is very much a long-term partnership.


Flowchart of Shared Ownership process here

Short term help with housing costs

We are sometimes able to assist with short-term housing grants and new tenancy deposit loans through our Housing Support Fund. If you are a key Christian worker, and need help with housing costs and/or tenancy deposit then please contact us to discuss.

Affordable tenancies

Occasionally we are able to provide affordable tenancies or a room in a community house.

Please contact us to see if there are any current opportunities.