Chris and Ali Nicholson

Chris and Ali Nicholson

“We want our home to bring the blessing of God to our family, our neighbours, our church and our community.”

Chris Nicholson

Chris and Ali Nicholson and their three children are part of City Hope Church in Rotherhithe, south-east London. Chris is a full-time member of the staff team overseeing Sunday morning ministry teams, youth work, he is also part of the worship leading team. Part of his job is to develop the work with the local community, building relationships and introducing people to Jesus.

Chris has been a Londoner all his life and Ali for 14 years. 'Over this time the area has changed rapidly, mainly due to the continued growth of business in the City and in Canary Wharf,' says Chris. 'Although it has grown in terms of population, I believe it has suffered in terms of its sense of community. I love the idea that the church could be found right at the centre of creating a new community. This is a thought that excites and motivates me, and fills me with a desire to see God blessing this area.'

In a few years Kings College London will have a campus right in the heart of Rotherhithe and Chris is praying that City Hope Church will get to play its part by being one of the vibrant and lively churches that serve the students and staff coming into the area.

With the help of Mission Housing Chris and his family have been able to stay in Rotherhithe and live right at the heart of the community that God is building. 'Partnering with Mission Housing was the only way that we could afford to stay in London,' says Chris. Mission Housing's support enabled Chris and Ali, together with the church, to take on a share of the mortgage for a home that suits their family.

'The house we have bought with City Hope Church and Mission Housing is a blessing far beyond our expectations,' says Chris. 'If any house ever felt like it was built to have neighbours and friends around it's this one. We don't just want it to be the place where 'those nice Christians live'. We want our home to bring the blessing of God to our family, our neighbours, our church and our community.'