Mission Housing
Donate your property

Donate your property

Sometimes in order to live in London, you have to get creative. MH recognise that property comes in all shapes and sizes. You may not be able to give financially to the Association, but you could have accommodation that suits one of our key workers.

We are always on the lookout for residential properties with the potential to suit our needs. These come in a variety of forms.

Do you have:

  • A spare room for a lodger?
  • A property we could manage and rent to Applicants unable to buy?
  • A property to leave to MH in a legacy?
  • Knowledge of affordable property(ies) available in your area?
  • The ability to house someone in a rolling monthly short–term tenancy?

In addition, you can:

  • Facilitate flat or house sharing.
  • Encourage the joint purchase of properties with other Christians.
  • Promote a ‘rent a room’ scheme for a Christian worker.
  • Part–fund building improvements to family homes for use by key workers.
  • Bring church–owned properties back into use.

London is a transient city. Perhaps you bought property within the London Boroughs but have since moved away. If you wish for the residence to continue to house Christians, please contact us. Your gift would help support key Christian workers, and you would stay rooted to London ministry.