Mission Housing

Mission Housing offers several ways to help Christian workers with input from many contributors and partners, often 'mixing and matching' different approaches.

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London is one of the world’s greatest cities — dynamic, vibrant and wealthy. However, it also has some of the most socially deprived communities in the country, and there are huge unmet economic, social, emotional and spiritual needs.

For over 50 years, Mission Housing has pursued has pursued spiritual regeneration in London by housing 'key Christian workers' in under–resourced urban areas. We make it possible for many Christian workers to live right in the heart of the communities they are serving, facilitating authentic incarnational living and gospel witness.

We currently help house 70 beneficiaries of our services, working with churches and Christian organisations across London, from Thornton Heath in the south to Winchmore Hill in the north, and West Drayton in the west to Forest Gate in the east.

Our most recent statistics show that their ministries reflect the needs of London’s diverse population. They reach out to the young and elderly, employed and unemployed, those with physical or mental health issues and addictions, the homeless, refugees and recent immigrants.