How should I apply?

how should i apply

Having read the guidance notes below, please telephone the office on 020 8318 4432 between 11am – 2pm Monday-Friday (except Wednesdays) to informally chat to a member of our team (Crystal, Judi, Sarah or Jim) to discuss a potential housing application. We would love to hear from you!


Basis of Faith, Ministry & Church commitment

Applicants must be committed to the life and ministry of a local church, whether in a full–time capacity or while in secular or Christian work. Commitment to a local church is seen as central, and a reference will be required from your Minister or Church Leader.



Our target area for assistance is currently within the London Boroughs. The person or couple must be committed to live near their church and become part of the local community.



We are heavily dependent on the applicant’s ability to raise/bring funding to the purchase/rental support. For Shared Ownership Applicants it would be important for you to have an idea of your potential level of mortgage and deposit and your potential supporters/family/friends who would be able to support with loans / finances for the purchase. Mission Housing may be able to provide a small portion of this financing. For how it works please see



Prioritisation of applicants is a necessary process, as all needs cannot be met. This is carried out in line with the these criteria.



The property selected will modestly meet the reasonable needs of the family and ministry situation. Such an approach is reflected in the property’s size and location.