Mission Housing
Loans to buy a property

"Be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share."

- Timothy 6:19

Invest in Mission and Shared Ownership

There are two ways you can invest in this mission:-

The Equity Loan Scheme

The Equity Loan Scheme provides investment into a particular property where a % is owned by you, the investor. Also, at the end of the loan period, minimum 5 years but usually 10 years+, the prospect of capital gain exists linked to the increase in property values.

Please click here for 2 case studies of how this has worked in practice

The Standard Loan Scheme

The Standard Loan Scheme provides an investment opportunity in the association itself. You can receive an annual interest return up to 2%, typically over a shorter period of 2, 3 or 5 years, and is unsecured.


To download a Loan Info booklet please click here

Shared Ownership

The principal of shared ownership with Mission Housing is that the applicant and the association each own a percentage of the property at a ratio, e.g. 75% (applicant) and 25% (Mission Housing). The applicant has a full repairing lease and pays 'rent' on the part owned by Mission Housing (e.g. 2.50% per annum of the associations own investment).

Often, the others loans (equity or standard, as above), are sourced to enable the purchase price to be achieved.

Purchase Price
Deposit/ savings
Capital from Mission Housing

Half of the Applicants who participated in Mission Housing's shared ownership schemes have been able to buy out MH's share. This has allowed many of them to become independent, and capital from completed schemes goes back into the Association as revolving capital.

Please click here for 2 case studies of how this has worked in practice

download How the Shared Ownership process operates - click here