The Buckles

Raymond and Rebekah Brown

“We are especially grateful for the help given to us by Mission Housing to buy our current property.”

Raymond Brown

Raymond Brown, together with his wife Rebekah, are leaders at the church. 'Part of the vision of the church is to reach some of the many students at Goldsmiths,' says Raymond. 'I regularly attend the Christian Union in an effort to support the Christians there and in March this year a met a young man who professed faith as a result of a conversation with me and another student. Since then I have been meeting with him for Bible study in my home and it has been great seeing him grow in his love for Jesus.'

The church is involved with schools in the area, Street Pastors, and local food bank initiatives, and it also runs a babies and toddlers group at the nearby community centre. They have developed a one-to-one version of Christianity Explored and are encouraging individual church members to build relationships and share the Bible with their friends, colleagues and family.

Raymond and Rebekah, started their ministry in Brockley after nine years involved in church planting, student work, and training in South Africa.

When they returned to the UK they needed a home that could accommodate them and their four children. 'It was an unsettling time for us as a family as we adjusted to living in England again, a country that felt quite different to the one we left almost ten years previously,' says Raymond. Mission Housing worked with them to think through their housing options and then helped them buy a property close to the church in the Brockley. 'Having somewhere that we could call home felt like an important part of the transition back to the UK, which is why we are especially grateful for the help given to us by Mission Housing to buy our current property.'