Chris & Jo

The main benefit of being able to buy with the shared ownership scheme in London rather than move away is that we can continue to work for the ministry crossteach – working in primary and secondary schools every day teaching pupils about the Christian faith. Through the Bible clubs crossteach London see approximately 50 pupils every week. Through assemblies, church visits and RE lessons we see over 1500 pupils over the course of the year. The national statistic is that over 95% of young people don’t attend a church and have limited opportunity to hear about the Christian faith.

Pete & Ruth

Partnering with MH has allowed us to continue serving our local church and community in Islington. The house we’ve purchased through shared ownership and generous gifts has enabled us to increase our hospitality and host church events. This was not possible in our previous flat.

Pete & Ruth, Mission Partners in N7


Kafui Brese

Mission Housing has been a real God send to FAST as an organization and for me as an individual. Their friendly approach, their understanding of the context we work in coupled with their professionalism makes them irreplaceable! In a year where the organisation was facing immense pressure to survive, MH provided an opportunity to live locally enabling us to strengthen community links to improve the impact of the work we do as an organization, whilst helping me to develop a much healthier quality of life.

Jenny Taylor

Partnering with Mission Housing makes my ministry possible. Without their support, flexibility and shared goals, I would never have been able to afford to do what I have achieved over the past 22 years. I work from home, and having almost immediate access to the world’s top libraries, and to the people who fly in and out of London, makes it possible to research and play the part I have played in world affairs. I have also been able to play a part, as a volunteer in the church’s Legal Advice Centre and as a praying presence, in this needy part of north London – now much regenerated.

Jo & Dave

We would not be able to stay in London without the support of Mission Housing. I remember when we were trying to reconcile how we felt God wanted us here but we simply could not afford it… and then Mission Housing came along.

Jo & Dave, Mission Partners in E17

Alice Cooper

Partnering with MH enables me to be so much more fruitful in my ministry as it gives me secure accommodation right in the centre of the mission field and a beautiful home to invite people who I am ministering to as I reach out to them with the gospel.

Alice, Mission Partner in E14

Mark, Mission Partner in SM5

Without the help of Mission Housing I wouldn’t have been able to afford to live not just locally but anywhere in London. The help has enabled me to stay in the borough since 2007 in a settled home, from where I lead a church; lead on cross church initiatives; be involved in setting up and growing a significant charity.

Mark, Mission Partner in SM5



MH has given me the opportunity to be embedded in a neighbourhood in which my job helps to serve. Living so close to my work place helps me to understand the social, cultural, economic factors that are effecting my patients, their lives, their health, their influences and access to resources. This has been invaluable in trying to walk alongside our patients. Also through time it has been a great support to live amongst others within a shared space and home.

Duncan & Kadie

“Having previously lived in a converted garden shed and spending a lot of time stressed about our accommodation and not knowing how we could remain in London to serve the mission God has called us to, you can imagine how much of a relief we’ve had being able to come HOME to a wonderful house in great surroundings. Partnering with Mission Housing has allowed us to focus on the mission, not constantly on our own struggles.”

Duncan & Kadie, Mission Partners working in Kensington

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