Blessing is a two-way street.  After decades of full-time stipendiary ministry with the United Reformed Church, living in church manses and having lived as a family purely on the church stipend, it would have been seriously difficult to enter the housing market on entering retirement.  The United Reformed Church Retired Ministers' Housing Society provided most of the funds so we could purchase a house on a shared equity basis.  Without that help, what would we have done?  Being thus blessed, we wanted to give a modest loan to a project that made housing available to a church-inspired project to fund a community house and group serving a neighbourhood that needed loving.  That community house is now a Mission Housing property, and its resident group goes on loving that neighbourhood.  That is why we became a funder, on the principle of "Being blessed, be a blessing" - for blessing is a two-way street, and its heart is the heart of God.

(Funder) John M