Moving to Central London - Ali 

“Mission Housing came to the rescue for Ali, assisting with a move from Leicestershire to central London, to work as the Administrator for a large church.”


How difficult can it be to move from Leicestershire to central London? From a four-bedroom house to a small two-bedroom flat. From working for a Christian organisation to working as the Administrator for a large Central London church.

The answer: Fairly straightforward, apart from the housing issue.

I had money from the sale of my house, and the Lord graciously provided some Christian investors to help me afford a place suitable for myself and my three 'visiting' older children. I'd found a flat, but the legalities of trying to buy it as a group were proving to be complicated and challenging. The money was there but we needed the 'vehicle' to help us make it possible. And then Mission Housing came to the rescue! Once Mission Housing got involved the whole process was pleasantly smooth - and it wasn't long until I was holding the keys to my lovely new home.

To also have Mission Housing acting as my Landlord is a huge bonus. Their knowledge and wisdom, and care/maintenance of the property is so helpful.

Living in Central London has allowed me to have a fairly short commute to work and enabled me to give myself fully to the work and life of the church.

I am incredibly grateful to the Lord, 'who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine', for the way he has raised up Mission Housing to help with the housing needs of many Christian workers in this crazily expensive city. 'To him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever!'