My name is Luke, the Children’s and Families Pastor at Springfield Church in Wallington. Part of my work involves connecting with families whilst running groups for their young children within the Roundshaw and Wallington area.

Springfield Church

Having previously lived in a two-bed flat close to the main high street seven months prior, while it worked for us for a time (3 years), it was not conducive for us to host our newly found connect groups or team meetings. Coupled with this, as a family we have felt called to adoption and from the onset of the process we quickly learned we would need a three-bed flat or house in order to proceed further. We prayed over this need and left it in God’s hands only to receive an email from our landlord the very next day explaining that he was now looking to sell our flat so we would need to end our tenancy. With this knowledge and my new job now based in Wallington we began looking for a bigger place in the same area as we wanted to further build upon our relationships with the local schools, coffee shop owners, community groups and friends we had grown to love.

When weighing up the pro and cons of a certain flat; we called a friend for advice. He kindly gave us a number for someone who he felt God wanted us to call – Jim Gilbourne from Mission Housing. It was from this conversation that our dream of not just renting but also one day owning our own place became a more tangible reality. In the little time we had left to move so imminently we found a beautiful three-bed semi-detached house with a good-sized garden and driveway. Mission Housing were there to help us move smoothly every step of the way. Since September 2019 not only does our now 3 year-old daughter have more space to grow but we have also hosted a house-warming with an outreach element, a connect group social including a Christmas meal with 15 people, a number of team meetings for both our paid and voluntary work, and more groups planned ahead to include use of the garden further when the weather allows us.

With our proximity so central to two of the largest parks in the area it’s a blessing to be able to use these facilities to connect families when our weekly parent and toddler groups are on. As our church services are held in a local school we are often required to transport chunks of our resources so being so near to colleagues and other church members is invaluable. It has been a fantastic journey so far to be part of the community here that God has called us to work in.

As a result, we have been accepted to proceed to the next stage of the adoption process which we are very excited about.

We would not have gotten to where we are today without Mission Housing’s help, vision and heart. Thank you!