We planted The Well Community Church 32 years ago on the boarders of Camberwell and Peckham in Southwark. It is a thriving family church comprising several missional communities with a building at Wells Way and a high street cafe in Camberwell.


We are currently focusing on growing a ministry across London based on networking pioneer church planting initiatives and helping church leaders to grow discipleship and sustainable multiplication strategies. It’s called REACHLondon.org and we invite you to partner with us in our passion for Christ and for London.

Julie is a qualified Pastoral Supervisor (APSE certified), I am a Leadership Coach with Kairos Connexion and we are part of the Pioneer Network family of churches.

We have two grown-up children and four grandchildren and one of the main reasons we have been able to grow a family and sustain an inner-city ministry in inner London - and now across the city - is largely because of the early provision of a family home that meant that we could settle and raise our family securely. Initially we rented the home and later on we were able to purchase a major share of the property. Currently our rent represents a quarter of the property which made the difference between being able to remain or having to move away. We are immensely grateful to the people that initially came up with the dream of providing affordable housing to Christian key workers in London.

Mission Housing’s slogan ‘ministry starts at home’ clearly echoes our own core values of building extended families on mission. We started our church in our home all those years ago, and we have been blessed to be able to grow and model extended family throughout these years, sustaining and inspiring others families to be prayerfully intentional about their calling, their location and their education choices. Many have made kingdom decisions to remain in inner London.

From this secure base over the years we have been able to launch a network of missional communities, run a primary school for 500 children, establish a successful high street cafe and art gallery, facilitate numerous projects for the vulnerable, invest in church unity networks in Southwark and beyond, support cross cultural workers both here and overseas, and help raise many younger leaders who have either stayed here or taken up leadership in other churches.

Mission Housing has enabled us to; ‘pursue a long obedience in the same direction’ - to borrow a phrase from Eugene Peterson. We are not only extremely grateful and blessed to have been provided a family home but we continue to be amazed by how our story and provision has inspired and given hope to other key workers and aspiring missionaries. The fact that we have managed to raise a family and sustain ministry has been a source of encouragement to many.

Well done Mission Housing! We love you!

Stokes Family

MH has provided us with a home and a base for raising family in the city we love and are called to. They provided the key for us to live in an area that we could not possibly have otherwise afforded. We remain eternally grateful for the vision and stewardship of MH, for those who saw the need for affordable housing for inner city missionaries and used their skills to establish this amazing ministry.

Phil & Julie, Mission Partners in SE5