Having a home with Mission Housing’s help has changed things completely for me and it is one of the best things that could have happened to me. I continue to be hugely grateful to all at Mission Housing who believed for the impossible with me and for friends who made it possible. God has been so very good to me.

Restore Community Church


Until recently, with the present conditions of Covid-19, my home was a base and a gathering point for many activities I lead. Having said that sadly my ‘large-small’ group has had to find alternative premises for the evenings when we have full attendance as I can’t fit everybody in. They told me that I need to upgrade and to pray for a larger space! :)

I continue to serve in a variety of ways at Restore Community Church and wear a number of different hats. I am part of the Loughton Leadership Team, head up Missions and Welcoming and in addition to my own small group, I am a ‘cluster Group leader which means I meet with and support the leaders of a further 5 small groups.

One day a week, I work as the Intern Co-ordinator for Restore and look after our interns from overseas. This involves looking after them pastorally and planning their training programme, giving them opportunities to serve in the local community projects that we have. I continue to mentor teenagers for Spark in Loughton and get alongside people pastorally, visiting and meeting with those in the local community. It has been lovely to get to know my neighbours better this year too. On one side, the little boy now knows my name and calls to me over the fence. He also comes into my front garden as he likes the sound of the pebbles that give me good weed coverage. He and his mum have started to attend one of our mums and toddlers groups called Noah’s Ark.

Having people round for meals, getting people together is something I love to do so there have been many meals around my small kitchen table this last 12 months.

In this season of lock down and isolation, my home has been the best place I could possibly be and I am grateful all over again to have that space – my refuge and safe place. That hasn’t stopped us meeting at my home but it has changed our meeting space somewhat. I have needed to isolate more recently, so instead of meeting inside my home, we have had what I now call “porch meetings.’ These have in fact become a bit of a thing and I can see in the nice weather that they will work very well :) .

I will nevertheless be glad when I can open my doors again and give people a hug.


Trina 3

Without MH, I would not be based in Loughton so for me, this partnership has been both life changing and life giving in that I have been able to step into things that God has for me here. With time, my role and impact have increased and I am very excited about the future. Partnering with Mission Housing has been fundamental to my serving where God placed me.

Trina, Mission Partner in IG10