The Buckles
The Buckles

The Buckles

“Affordable Christian Housing fully appreciated and understood our situation and were committed to helping us.”


“Working in the community helps people to begin to see an ongoing identity and presence...It makes it easy for people to make connections with what we do out there and what we talk about in church,” explains Efrem, an elder at Calvary Chapel South London, a church characterised by a strong commitment to expositional preaching and culturally engaging outreach.

The vibrant, multicultural church has pioneered a number of multi–media outreach programmes. Street teams preach out in Brixton weekly, and the church also supports a school initiative called Truthology. In addition to his church ministry work, Efrem is a part–time student at Oak Hill College, pursuing a degree in theology.

Finding accommodation in this part of London was an impossibility for Efrem, his wife and two daughters in their late teens, apart from God’s provision through ACH. Having spent several years living in difficult and sometimes hostile environments, they are thankful for the provision of a happy and peaceful home.

“When we first moved in, it was like learning to live again...It felt like being able to breathe after holding our breath for years.” Efrem adds, “Being here has had a huge impact on the increased effectiveness of our ministry.”

It has also been a particular blessing for daughter Chloe (16), as the stress of life at their previous home clearly contributed to her fibromyalgia. (Eldest daughter Chianne, nearly 20, is currently studying economics at the University of Manchester.)

Meanwhile, their church moved to a building within walking distance of where the Buckles live.