Who should apply?

Applicants need to demonstrate how they meet our criteria and what they are doing to further God’s kingdom in London. Applications will be considered when it appears the following criteria can be met:


Basis of Faith, Ministry & Church commitment

Applicants must be in agreement with our basis of faith and committed to the life and ministry of a local church, whether in a full–time capacity or while in secular or Christian work. Commitment to a local church is seen as central.



Our target area for assistance is currently within the London Boroughs. The person or couple must be committed to live near their church and become part of the local community.


Categories of applicants

At present Mission Housing considers a key Christian worker to be someone whose work falls under one of these general headings.



Our ability to help successful applicants depends on the funding available at the time. Commitment to the purchase of a house or flat for rental involves MH in heavy initial outlay.



Prioritisation of applicants is a necessary process, as all needs cannot be met. This is carried out in line with the above criteria.



The property selected will modestly meet the reasonable needs of the family and ministry situation. Such an approach is reflected in the property’s size and location.